On these days we get on strange error:

The instance startup normally with srvctl but with sqlplus we get the disconected instance.

we have two diferente users: grid and oracle

With user oracle we try to startup the instances. But just one can stay up.



sqlplus / as sysdba

sql> startup mount
sql> select status from v$instance;

Instance: STARTED


sqlplus / as sysdba

sql> startup mount
sql> select status from v$instance;

Instance:  disconected from instance

The second instance get down and not work. I just clear the two alert logs, and restart the processes, and now with srvctl.

srvrctl start database instance -d ORCL

Yes, we can connect on both instances. But if i tryed to start the instances with user oracle we no have success.

Just we got the solution:

On user oracle, a just added the ORA_CRS_HOME=/u01/app/11.2.0/grid on .bash_profile,

and restart with sqlplus and is ok now the two instances get up without problems.

The key os solution this entry on alert log on instance get dow:

[USER(32704)]CRS-2317:Fatal error: cannot get local GPnP security keys (wallet). 
2015-11-17 15:58:54.552
[USER(32704)]CRS-2316:Fatal error: cannot initialize GPnP, CLSGPNP_ERR (Generic GPnP error).
kggpnpInit: failed to init gpnp
WARNING: No cluster interconnect has been specified. Depending on
the communication driver configured Oracle cluster traffic
may be directed to the public interface of this machine.
Oracle recommends that RAC clustered databases be configured
with a private interconnect for enhanced security and
Picked latch-free SCN scheme 3
Using LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 parameter default value as USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST
WARNING: db_recovery_file_dest is same as db_create_file_dest
Autotune of undo retention is turned on.
SYS auditing is disabled